Automatic check of counterparties
High precision of artificial intelligence
on maximum volumes
High precision of artificial intelligence
on maximum volumes
Automatic check of counterparties
30+ sources
Analysis of financial and economic activity of counterparties based on data from more than 30 sources of information
1 500 indicators
An independent assessment of a counterparty based on artificial intelligence takes into account all key factors
Report + forecast
We provide a report with conclusions and key recommendations, as well as a detailed report on the activities of a counterparty
  • Bankruptcy probability forecast
    RESCORE online is the only service able to assess your counterparty bankruptcy risk and give a forecast for the next 12 months
  • Customization and integration
    Flexible service settings allow to meet the requirements of the client's business and successfully integrate with corporate systems
Over 30+ sources of information

As a result of your counterparty check, you will receive 2 documents
✔ An analytical report containing key recommendations and conclusions about your counterparty.
✔ A detailed report containing information on your counterparty bankruptcy risk in the next 12 months.
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Any Doubts Left?
Why should I pay, I will get information about my counterparty on free services!
To date, free services provide only fragmentary data on legal entities. In order to comprehensively study a company and the possible risks of cooperation with it, it is necessary to collect data from at least 12 open sources, and then compare the information received, determine which indicators are key for this legal entity and draw conclusions based on the above. Unfortunately, in practice, working with free services can take several hours of work for company employees and does not guarantee the correctness of the conclusions drawn.
I will collect all the data and have the accountant analyze it for free!
Full-fledged counterparty check involves the study of all areas of the company's activity, the analysis is not limited only to financial indicators. As a rule, a accountant, first of all, analyses the financial data familiar to them and often does not take into account the importance of indicators that do not deal with on a daily basis. To prepare a qualitative analysis, an accountant will need the help of corporate and litigation lawyers, as well as analysts specializing in overdue accounts receivable. Otherwise, an individual employee's mistake can cost the company's future.
Artificial intelligence is just a fake. I don't believe in machine learning!
We also do not believe that artificial intelligence can independently build services from scratch. We have gone through an evolutionary path from manually checking counterparties for the purposes of our business to building algorithms that cope with the task no worse than experienced analysts and lawyers. We regularly test the service and often involve external experts to obtain an independent assessment. Thus, we conducted joint testing with the National Credit Rating (NCR) agency (RBC media holding) and the precision of the service was highly appreciated by the agency's analysts and methodologists with experience in Russian and international rating agencies, as well as major banks.