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OGRN per day for each client
requests per second for each client
integrations with information sources

Rescore Integration with any corporate system

The system of expert analysis of counterparties Rescore is universal. Its data can be integrated with almost any other information system or service that is used in your organization.

These can be systems of the ERP or CRM class, 1C, SAP, Bitrix, Oracle, accounting and banking systems, corporate portals and remote banking systems. When working with the service through the API, the data is uploaded to the cloud storage.

The configured integration system allows you to check the reliability of counterparties with whom your company conducts financial and economic activities, segment them and monitor changes in their reliability for prompt response in the course of your business, which significantly reduces your financial and tax risks.

Integration with major information sources

The Rescore service works according to a certain algorithm - it communicates via API with various services to check counterparties and uses cloud storage. If the required service is not available at the time of the request, Rescore waits for a response from the source.

Rescore is integrated with 30 sources of information about the activities of Russian companies, such as:

Blacklists of the Factoring Company
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